Master of Arts in Adaptive Reuse, MA | one-year+ 

MA Program Description

Master of Design for Interior Studies, MDES | two-years+ 

 MDes Program[ Adaptive Reuse] Description

MDES for Exhibition and Narrative Environments

NEW: The MDES in Interior Studies (Exhibition and Narrative Environments) is an exploration of exhibition and narrative environments through a unique curriculum that combines design studios and coursework in Interior Studies with related studies at the RISD Museum and the related departments of History of Art and Visual Culture, Graphic Design and Digital Media.

Three graduate programs are offered in the Department of Interior Architecture:     -a 2 year Master of Design [MDes] in Interior Studies [ADAPTIVE REUSE]   -a 2 year Master of Design [MDes] in Interior Studies [EXHIBITION & NARRATIVE ENVIRONMENTS]  -a 1-year Master of Arts (MA) in Adaptive Reuse. The programs offer a graduate specialist design education on the alteration of existing built environments. Students enter both the MDes programs with an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution. Students enter the MA program with a first professional degree in Architecture: BArch or MArch. Students begin their studies with an immersive summer program; the MDes students in a 6-week study of the fundamentals of design and the MA students in a 7-week focus on adaptive reuse through both a design and travel program based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The two programs share the pedagogical objective to focus on interventions in the existing built environment but diverge on their approach. The MDes degree program offers investigations within a broad interpretation of the existing built environment that ranges from the reuse of structures to installations and exhibitions while the MA degree program focuses directly on the adaptive reuse of existing structures.

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