- GGP Inc. on the future of bricks & mortar retail in America

- van Beuren Charitable Foundation/ Newport Restoration Fund on sealevel rise and heritage neighborhoods

- Rough Point Museum on the collections of Doris Duke

- Blackstone Valley Neighborworks on place making in Woonsocket city center

- Anthony Carnevale School on defining the autism classroom

- Textron Corporations on new concepts for the interior of the new personal CESSNA plane

- The Providence Center on rethinking waiting rooms in mental health units

- van Beuren Charitable Foundation on new use for ecclesiastical space, Newport Congregational Church

- Carpe Diem on new layers in the Pombal Palace, Lisbon

- Pine Street Inn on interventions in Boston transition houses

Cosmit, IT on the domestic setting for the Milan Furniture Fair (Salone del Mobile)



- Biophilic Space in collaboration with the Nature Lab & the Eager grant

- Wall of Hope in collaboration with the Department of Ceramics

- RISD X Textron in collaboration with Industrial Design

- La Petite Ceinture, Paris Studio in collaboration with Landscape Architecture

- Crystal Space in collaboration with the Nature Lab on the Arthur Loeb mathematical models